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2010 Publications

Sheehy AM, Flood GE, Tuan WJ, Liou JI, Coursin DB, Smith MA.  "Analysis of guidelines for screening diabetes mellitus in an ambulatory population.” Mayo Clinic Proc 2010;85(1):27-35.

Kind AJ, Smith MA, Liou JI, Pandhi N, Frytak JR, Finch MD. "Discharge destination’s effect on bounce-back risk in Black, White, and Hispanic acute ischemic stroke patients." Arch Phys Med Rehabil 2010;91(2):189-95.

O'Connor ES, Leverson G, Kennedy G, Heise CP. "The diagnosis of diverticulitis in outpatients: On what evidence?" J Gastrointest Surg 2010;14(2):303-8.

LoConte NK, Smith M, Alberti D, Bozeman J, Cleary JF, Setala AN, Wodtke G, Wilding G, Holen KD. "Amongst eligible patients, age and comorbidity do not predict for dose limiting toxicity from phase I chemotherapy." Cancer Chemother Pharmacol 2010;65(4):775

Schwarze ML, Bradley CT, Brasel KJ. "Surgical 'buy-in': the contractual relationship between surgeons and patients that influences decisions regarding life-supporting therapy." Crit Care Med 2010;38(3):843-8.

Greenblatt DY, Weber SM, O’Connor ES, LoConte NK, Liou J-I, Smith MA. "Readmission after colectomy for cancer predicts one-year mortality." Ann Surg 2010;251(4):659-669.

O’Connor ES, Mahvi DM, Foley EF, Lund D, McDonald R. "Developing a practice-based learning and improvement curriculum for an academic general surgery residency." J Am Coll Surg 2010;210(4):411-7.

Weiss JM, Attia S, Bailey HH, Weber S, Hu J, Reichelderfer M, Gopal DV. "Metastatic soft tissue sarcoma diagnosed by small bowel video capsule endoscopy." J Clin Oncol 2010;28(15):e233-5.

Rocha-Goldberg M del P, Corsino L, Batch B, Voils CI, Thorpe CT, Bosworth HB, Svetkey LP. "Hypertension Improvement Project (HIP) Latino: results of a pilot study of lifestyle intervention for lowering blood pressure in Latino adults." Ethn Health 2010;15(3):269-82.

Mott DA, Thorpe JM, Thorpe CT, Kreling DH, Gadkari AS. "Effects of Medicare Part D on drug affordability and use: Are seniors with prior high out-of-pocket drug spending affected more?" Res Social and Adm Pharm 2010;6(2):90-9.

Ayer T, Ayvaci MU, Liu ZX, Alagoz O, Burnside ES. "Computer-aided diagnostic models in breast cancer screening." Imaging Med 2010;2(3):313-323.

Thorpe JM, Van Houtven CH, Sleath BL, Thorpe CT. "Rural-urban differences in preventable hospitalizations among community-dwelling veterans with dementia." J Rural Health 2010;26(2):146-155.

Trivedi RB, Ayotte BJ, Thorpe CT, Edelman D, Bosworth HB. "Is there a non-adherent subtype of hypertensive patient?  A latent class analysis approach." Patient Prefer Adherence 2010;4:255-62.

Ayer T, Alagoz O, Chhatwal J, Shavlik JW, Kahn CE Jr., Burnside ES. "Breast cancer risk estimation with artificial neural networks revisited: Discrimination and calibration." Cancer 2010;116(14):3310-3321.

Burns ME, Shah ND, Smith MA. "Why some disabled adults in Medicaid face large out-of-pocket expenses." Health Aff (Milwood) 2010;29(8):1517-1522.

Young, A. "'SWINEUPDATE': Using EMR charting tools as a clinical decision support tool during the H1N1 outbreak." WMJ 2010;109(4):222-3.

Cox ED, Koscik RL, Olson CA, Behrmann AT, McIntosh GC, Evans MD, Kokotailo PK. "Care of the underserved: Faculty development needs assessment." J of the Natl Med Assoc 2010;102(8):713-719.

Bradley CT, Brasel KJ, Schwarze ML. "Physician attitudes regarding advance directives for high-risk surgical patients: a qualitative analysis." Surgery 2010;148(2):209-16.

Kent D, Haas L, Randal D, Lin E, Thorpe CT, Boren SA, Fisher J, Heins J, Lustman P, Nelson J, Ruggiero L, Wysocki T, Fitzner K, Sheer D, Martin AL. "Healthy coping: Issues and implications in diabetes education and care." Popul Health Manag 2010;13(5):227

Kind AJ, Bartels C, Mell MW, Mullahy J, Smith M. "For-profit hospital status and rehospitalizations at different hospitals: an analysis of Medicare data." Ann Intern Med 2010;153(11):718-727.

Editorial: Jencks SF. “Defragmenting care.” Ann Intern Med 2010;153(11):757-8. 

Dr. Kind was selected as a finalist for the Annals of Internal Medicine Young Investigator Award for her work on this study.

Bartels CM, Bridges AJ. "Rheumatoid vasculitis: vanishing menace or target for new treatments?" Curr Rheumatol Rep 2010;12(6):414-9.

Letter to the Editor: STrandberg TE, Kovanen PT, Eklund KK. “Is the ‘lipid paradox’ in rheumatoid arthritis really a paradox? Comment on the article by Bartels et al.” Arthritis Rheum 2011;63(11):3644-5; author’s reply 3645-6.

Woods RW, Oliphant L, Shinki K, Page D, Shavlik J, Burnside E. "Validation of results from knowledge discovery: Mass density as a predictor of breast cancer." J Digit Imaging 2010;23(5):554-61.


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