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2013 Publications

Caretta-Weyer H, Greenberg CC, Wilke LG, Weiss J, LoConte NK, Decker M, Steffens NM, Smith MA, Neuman HB. "Impact of the American College of Surgeons Oncology Group (ACOSOG) Z0011 trial on clinical management of the axilla in older breast cancer patients: a SEER-Medicare analysis." Ann Surg Oncol 2013;20(13):4145-52.

Brennan M, Kolehmainen C, Barocas J, Isaac C, Crnich C, Sosman J. "Barriers and facilitators of universal HIV screening among internal medicine residents." Wisconsin Med J 2013;112(5):199-205.

Hassan C, Pickhardt PJ.  "Management of subcentimetric polyps detected by CT colonography." Nat Rev Gastroenterol Hepatol 2013;10:119-124

Hassan C, Pickhardt PJ. "Cost-effectiveness of CT colonography." Radiol Clin North Am 2013;51:89-97

Hassan C, Pooler BD, Kim DH, Rinaldi A, Repici A, Pickhardt PJ. "Computed tomographic colonography for colorectal cancer screening: risk factors for the detection of advanced neoplasia." Cancer 2013;119:2549-54.

Keller AO, Gangnon R, Witt WP. "Favorable ratings of providers' communication behaviors among U.S. women with depression: a population-based study applying the behavioral model of health services use." Womens Health Issues 2013;23(5):e309-17.

King B, Bowers B. "Attributing the Responsibility for Ambulating Patients: A Qualitative Study." Int J Nurs Studies 2013;50:1240-6.

Mohindra P, Neuman HB, Kozak KR.  "The role of radiation in retroperitoneal sarcomas." Curr Treat Options Oncol 2013;14(3):425-41.

Moreno MA, Jelenchick LA, Egan KG, Bare KF, Young HN, Cox ED. "Internet Safety Education for Youth: Stakeholder Perspectives." BMC Public Health 2013;13:543.

Pickhardt PJ, Kim DH.  "CT colonography: pitfalls in interpretation."  Radiol Clin North Am 2013;51:69-88

Redmer J, Longmier E, Wedel P. "Targeting diabetes: the benefits of an integrative approach." J Fam Pract 2013;62(7):337-44.

Roach J, Jacobs EA. "Grateful Patient Philanthropy: Is What’s Good for the Goose Good for the Gander?" J Gen Intern Med 2013;28(5):608-9.

Zarebczan Dull B, Neuman H. "Management of the Axilla." Surg Oncol Clin North Amer 2013;93(2):429-44.

Schwarze ML, Kehler JM, Campbell TC. "Navigating High Risk Procedures with More than Just a Street Map." J Palliat Med 2013;16(10):1169-71.

Wallace ML, Moon J, Lounsbery JL, Uden DL. " Landscape of Medication Management in the Minnesota Patient Centered Medical Home." Innovations in Pharmacy 2013;4(1):107.

Winslow E, Hawkins WG. "Laparoscopic resection of the liver for cancer." Surg Oncol Clin N Am 2013;22(1):75-89.

Pooler BD, Kim DH, Hassan C, Rinaldi A, Burnside ES, Pickhardt PJ. "Variation in diagnostic performance among radiologists at screening CT colonography." Radiology 2013;268:127-134

Pickhardt PJ, Kim DH, Pooler BD, Hinshaw JL, Barlow D, Jensen D, Reichelderfer M, Cash BD. "Assessment of volumetric growth rates of small colorectal polyps with CT colonography: a longitudinal study of natural history." Lancet Oncol 2013;14:711-720

Pickhardt PJ. "Missed lesions at CT colonography: lessons learned." Abdom Imaging 2013;38:82–97

Pickhardt PJ. "Computed tomography colonography: emerging evidence to further support clinical effectiveness." Curr Opin Gastroenterol. 2013 Jan;29(1):55-9.

Pickhardt PJ, Pooler BD, Lauder T, Muñoz del Rio A, Bruce RJ, Binkley N.  "Opportunistic screening for osteoporosis using abdominal CT scans obtained for other indications." Ann Int Med 2013;158:588-595.

Greenberg CC. "Promoting quality surgical care: the next steps." JAMA 2013;309(8):827-8.

Engelbert TL, Fernandes-Taylor S, Gupta PK, Kent KC, Matsumura J. "Patient and Clinical Characteristics Associated with Readmission among Patients Undergoing Vascular Surgery." J Vasc Surg 2013;58(5):1434-1435.

Decker MR, Bronson NW, Greenberg CC, Dolan JP, Kent KC, Hunter JG. "The general surgery job market – analysis of current demand for general surgeons and their specialized skills." J Am Coll Surg 2013;217(6):1133-9.

Creswell PD, Strickland R, Stephenson L, Pierce-Hudson K, Matloub J, Waukau J, Adams A, Kaur J, Remington PL. "Look Local: The Value of Cancer Surveillance and Reporting by American Indian Clinics." Prev Chron Dis 2013;10:E197.

Schumacher JR, Palta M, LoConte NK, Trentham-Dietz A, Witt WP, Heidrich SM, Smith MA. "Characterizing the psychological distress response before and after a cancer diagnosis." J Behav Med 2013;36(6):591-600.

Neuman HB, Weiss JM, Schrag D, Ronk K, Havlena J, LoConte NK, Smith MA, Greenberg CC. "Patient demographic and tumor characteristics influencing oncologist follow-up frequency in older breast cancer survivors." Ann Surg Oncol 2013;20(13):4128-36.

Sheehy AM, Graf BK, Gangireddy S, Formisano R, Jacobs EA. "'Observation status' for hospitalized patients: Implications of a proposed Medicare rules change." JAMA Intern Med 2013;173(21):2004-6.

Sheehy AM, Graf B, Gangireddy S, Hoffman R, Ehlenbach M, Heidke C, Fields S, Liegel B, Jacobs EA. "Hospitalized but not admitted: Characteristics of patients with "observation status" at an academic medical center." JAMA Intern Med 2013;173(21):1991-8.

LoConte NK, Weeth-Feinstein L, Conlon A, Scott S. "Engaging health systems to increase colorectal cancer screening: Community-clinical outreach in underserved areas of Wisconsin." Prev Chron Dis 2013;10:130180.

Everett C, Thorpe C, Palta M, Carayon P, Bartels C, Smith M. "Physician assistants and nurse practitioners perform effective roles on teams caring for Medicare patients with diabetes." Health Affairs 2013;32(11):1942-8.

Zeidler Schreiter EA, Pandhi N, Fondow MDM, Thomas C, Vonk J, Reardon CL, Serrano N. "Consulting psychiatry within an integrated primary care model." J Health Care Poor Underserv 2013;24(4):1522-30.

Everett CM, Thorpe CT, Palta M, Carayon P, Gilchrist VJ, Smith MA. "Division of primary care services between physicians, physician assistants, and nurse practitioners for older patients with diabetes." Med Care Res Rev 2013;70(5):531-541.

Smith MA, Kaufman NJ, Dearlove AJ. "External Community Review Committee: A new strategy for engaging community stakeholders in research funding decisions." Prog Commun Health Partnersh 2013;7(3):301-12.

Cox ED, Carayon P, Hansen KW, Rajamanickam VP, Brown RL, Rathouz PJ, Dubenske LL, Kelly MM, Buel LA. "Parent perceptions of children's hospital safety climate." BMJ Qual Saf 2013;22(8):664-71.

King BJ, Roberts TJ, Bowers BJ. "Nursing student attitudes toward and preferences for working with older adults." Gerontol Geriatr Educ 2013;34(3):272-91.

King BJ, Gilmore-Bykovskyi AL, Roiland RA, Polnaszek B, Bowers BJ, Kind AJ. "The Consequences of Poor Communication during Hospital-to-Skilled Nursing Facility Transitions: A Qualitative Study." J Am Geriatr Soc 2013;61(7):1095-102. See also: Transfers from the Hospital to Nursing Home: An F- Grade For Quality

Glarner CE, Greenblatt DY, Rettammel RJ, Neuman HB, Weber SM. "Wound complications after inguinal lymph node dissection for melanoma: is ACS NSQIP adequate?" Ann Surg Oncol 2013;20(6):2019-55.

Gilmore-Bykovskyi AL, Bowers BJ. "Understanding nurses' decisions to treat pain in nursing home residents with dementia." Res Gerontol Nurs 2013;6(2):127-38.

In H, Jiang W, Lipsitz SR, Neville BA, Weeks JC, Greenberg CC. "Variation in the utilization of reconstruction following mastectomy in elderly women." Ann Surg Oncol 2013;20(6):1872-9.

Greenberg CC, Wind JK, Chang C, Schrag D. "Stakeholder engagement for comparative effectiveness research in cancer care: Experience of the DEcIDE Cancer Consortium." J Comp Eff Res 2013;2(2):117-25.

Neuman HB, Weiss JM, O'Connor ES, Greenblatt DY, LoConte NK, Greenberg CC, Smith MA. "Predictors of short-term post-operative outcomes after elective colectomy in colon cancer patients ≥80 years of age." Ann Surg Oncol 2013;20(5):1427-35.

Weiss JM, Smith MA, Pickhardt PJ, Kraft SA, Flood GE, Kim DH, Strutz E, Pfau PR. "Predictors of colorectal cancer screening variation among primary care providers and clinics." Am J Gastroenterol 2013;108(7):1159-67.

Dimick JB, Greenberg CC. "Understanding gaps in surgical quality: learning to count what cannot be counted." Ann Surg 2013;257(1):6-7.

Ehlenbach WJ, Cooke CR. "Making ICU Prognostication Patient Centered: Is There a Role for Dynamic Information?"  Crit Care Med 2013;41(4):1136-1138.

Ottum A, Sethi AK, Jacobs E, Zerbel S, Gaines ME, Safdar N. "Engaging patients in the prevention of health care-associated infections: A survey of patients' awareness, knowledge, and perceptions regarding the risks and consequences of infection with methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus and Clostridium difficile." Am J Infect Control 2013;41(4):322-6.

Lamb GC, Smith M, Weeks WB, Queram C. "Publicly reported quality-of-care measures influenced Wisconsin physician groups to improve performance." Health Affairs 2013;32(3):536-43. See also: Commonwealth Fund synopsis

Thorpe CT, Fahey LE, Johnson H, Deshpande M, Thorpe JM, Fisher EB. "Facilitating healthy coping in patients with diabetes: A systematic review." Diabetes Educ 2013;39(1):35-54.

Neuman HB, O'Connor ES, Weiss J, LoConte NK, Greenblatt DY, Greenberg CC, Smith MA. "Surgical treatment of colon cancer in patients eighty years of age and older: Analysis of 31,574 patients in the SEER-Medicare database." Cancer 2013;119(3):639-47.

Young HN, Dilworth TJ, Mott DA, Cox ED, Moreno MA, Brown RL. "Pharmacists' provision of information to Spanish-speaking patients: a social cognitive approach." Res Social Adm Pharm 2013;9(1):4-12.

Paul Olson TJ, Brasel KJ, Redmann AJ, Alexander GC, Schwarze ML. "Surgeon reported conflict with intensivists about goals of care." Arch Surg 2013;148(1):29-35.

Schwarze ML, Redmann AJ, Alexander GC, Brasel KJ. "Surgeons expect patients to buy-in to postoperative life support preoperatively: Results of a national survey." Crit Care Med 2013;41(1):1-8. See also: Most surgeons expect patients to buy-in to postoperative life support prior to high-risk surgery

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