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Hospice services reduce repeated hospital stays at end of life

Hospice careDr. Timothy Holden et al. recently examined the association between hospice utilization within a geographic area and 30-day rates of rehospitalization in a 5% sample of Medicare patients, and found that patients in areas of low hospice utilization were at greater rehospitalization risk than those residing in areas of high utilization. View the article on PubMed here and the UW SMPH press release here.

Quality of online information to support patient decision-making in breast cancer surgery

Woman at ComputerIn a recent study to evaluate the quality of online information available to support patients facing a decision for breast cancer surgery, a team of UW Department of Surgery researchers including Dr. Heather Neuman found that most existing websites do a poor job with providing women the essential information necessary to actively participate in decision-making for breast cancer surgery, with only 7% of website scoring "good" on decision-making questions.

Biological and steroid use in relationship to quality measures in older patients with IBD

MedicationsIn a new study using Medicare data to examine the frequency and predictors of antitumor necrosis factor (anti-TNF) use and steroid utilization among older US patients with inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), Sophia Johnson et al. found that only 3.7% of the sample received anti-TNFs, and among anti-TNF users, there were high observed rates of concurrent maintenance steroid use (19%), despite guidelines suggesting reduced needs.

Relationship of individual comorbid chronic conditions to diabetes care and quality

Diabetes care

In a recent study to help inform future interventions for patients who have both diabetes and other comorbid conditionsDr. Elizabeth Magnan et al. examined how 62 chronic conditions individually related to achievement of diabetes care quality goals. The authors found that the 62 conditions varied in their relationships to diabetes care goal achievement, with congestive heart failure, obesity, mental health conditions, and substance use disorders relating to a lack of achievement in at least one measure. 

Differential diagnosis and treatment rates between systolic and diastolic hypertension in young adults

Young woman blood pressure

In a recent study in the Journal of Clinical HypertensionDr. Heather Johnson et al. found that in patients aged 18-39 years old, patients with isolated systolic hypertension had 50% slower diagnosis rates and 58% slower medication initiation rates when compared with systolic/diastolic hypertension. Patients with isolated diastolic hypertension also had slower diagnosis and treatment rates—26% and 31%, respectively.


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