Publishing Quality Improvement Work

This site contains several resources to help clinicians publish the results of their quality improvement work within healthcare organizations. UW Health and the Health Innovation Program partnered to create the site based on the SQUIRE (Standards for Quality Improvement Reporting Excellence) GuidelinesMaintenance of Certification requirements, and A3 guidelines for conducting quality improvement projects.

The materials on this site will walk you through the manuscript writing and publication process to help ensure that your final manuscript is high quality and contains all of the information required in a quality improvement publication. Please note that this site does not replace the MOC program in place at UW Health; it is a set of additional resources that you can use if you are interested in publishing your QI project.

The tools currently on the site are most useful if you review them as soon as you start thinking about publishing—even if your project is not yet underway. However, if you are further along in your project and writing, there are resources on this site for every phase of the publication process. The tools available include:

  • General overview of the manuscript writing and publication process from start to end
  • Downloadable templates:
    • Main manuscript file, including placeholders for key pieces of information and prompts that guide you through writing each section of the manuscript
    • Cover letter
    • Tables
    • Sample figure
    • Sample response letter to reviews of manuscript
  • Lists of journals that publish quality improvement work
  • Manuscript formatting resources to ensure that the manuscript complies with your target journal's specifications
  • Guidance and tips on sharing your work

Additional materials will be added to this site over time. We ask that you register on the site prior to viewing the materials. We may contact you approximately 6 months to one year after your registration to obtain feedback on your use of the site so that we can continually improve it.

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