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David Goldhill

David Goldhill To Speak on Preventing Catastrophe in Health Care

David GoldhillPlease join David Goldhill, Chief Executive of media company GSN and author of a New York Times best-selling book in this Health Innovation Program-sponsored event.

"David Goldhill has written a devastating and utterly original analysis of what has gone wrong with the American health care system. Read it, and take a deep breath. He will convince you that our 'solutions' are not solving our problems. They are making our problems worse." - Malcolm Gladwell

After his father died from hospital-acquired infections, the author, a business executive, began a personal exploration of a health-care industry that for years has delivered inconsistent service and quality at astonishingly high cost. It is a system, he argues, that is not worth preserving in anything like its current form. And the health-care reform now being contemplated will not fix it. He proposes a radical solution to an agonizing problem and invites the perspective of those associated with the Wisconsin health care system, one of the best health systems in the nation.

The lecture will take place on Wednesday, November 6, 2013 from 3-4 pm in 1345 UW Health Sciences Learning Center, 750 Highland Avenue, Madison, WI 53705. Light refreshments and book signing will be available after the lecture.

To view a live stream of the seminar, click up to 10 minutes before it begins (2:50 pm, CST). Once you click on the link, you will be directed to the University of Wisconsin Video Library. Under Live Events, you will see the title of the seminar, "Preventing Catastrophe - Reconnecting the Island of Health Care to the Mainland." Click on the title to view the live stream video.

A video recording of the seminar will be posted to the University of Wisconsin Video Library 2-3 days after the seminar. 

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