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Rapidly Integrating Telemedicine Visits into Primary Care Toolkit on HIPxChange

Woman in telemedicineWith the onset of COVID-19, primary care systems across the country are rapidly changing clinical operations to limit in-person ambulatory visits for infection-control reasons. The Primary care Academics Transforming Healthcare (PATH) collaborative quickly redesigned primary care in their institution to introduce telemedicine visits as a practical alternative to provide needed care remotely. The innovation was the rapid development and implementation of workflows to standardize billable telemedicine visits in the primary care setting.

The PATH members, including Dr. Mike Micek, HIP Investigator Dr. Maureen Smith, Dr. Sandra Kamnetz, and Dr. Betsy Trowbridge, developed the Rapidly Integrating Telemedicine Visits into Primary Care Toolkit to help organizations and clinicians—particularly those not previously using Telemedicine—develop and implement workflows that respond to the need to provide primary care in a remote and safe way.

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