Jessica Cao, PhD

Assistant Professor

Dr. Jessica Cao is a Health Economist and Health Services Researcher. Her research focuses on designing and evaluating the effects of policy and system intervention on care utilization and outcomes. Her on-going projects include: (1) incorporating telehealth in primary care settings for disadvantaged patients with multiple chronic conditions to improve chronic care management and reduce disparities in chronic care outcomes; (2) evaluating the performance of ACO Realizing Equity, Access, and Community Health (REACH) Model on disparity reduction in care utilization and outcomes; (3) assessing the geo-spatial variation of post-acute care delivery and outcomes between traditional Medicare and Medicare Advantage plans and identifying modifiable regional and market factors to reduce unwanted variations.

Dr. Cao also works on behavioral and experimental design to elicit patient and provider preferences and contingent evaluations on medical products and services that have multiple price and non-price attributes.