2020 WCHQ Health Disparities Assembly presentations now available on HIPxChange

The 2020 Wisconsin Health Disparities Report: Rural and Urban Populations was released at the WCHQ Health Disparities Assembly meeting on November 12, 2020. The assembly featured urban and rural perspectives on health disparities from experts in their fields: HIP Investigator, Jennifer Weiss, MD, MS and Matt Gigot, MPH, presented the findings from the 2020 report and Malia Jones, PhD, MPH presented her research on social and spatial determinants of health at the population level.

Both presentations are now available on the Wisconsin Health Disparities Report Appendices overview page on HIPxChange. For more information about the assembly or the presenters, click here. To view the presentations directly, click either of the buttons below.

View Weiss and Gigot Presentation

View Malia Jones Presentation