Depression Screening and Treatment Toolkit available on HIPxChange

Smiling african american doctor talks to woman in clinicAbout 1.45 million individuals in Wisconsin, have some mental or behavioral health issues, and the percentage of major depressive episodes for adults aged 18 and over is 6.56%. The mental health disorder treatment gap in Wisconsin is 49%, which equals roughly 441,378 individuals annually not receiving the care they need. Screening for depression within primary care as well as investing in evidence-based behavioral health delivery models in the primary care setting allows for greater health care capacity and improvements in health outcomes.

The Wisconsin Collaborative for Healthcare Quality (WCHQ) developed the Depression Screening and Treatment Toolkit to provide relevant information for both the clinical provider and the operational administrator to build a successful depression screening and treatment workflow. The objective of this toolkit is to encourage primary care practices to support their providers in managing patient depression and refer to behavioral health specialties only when necessary.

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