Association of Race, Ethnicity, and Rurality With Major Leg Amputation or Death Among Medicare Beneficiaries Hospitalized With Diabetic Foot Ulcers

Patients identifying as Black and those living in rural and disadvantaged neighborhoods are at increased risk of major (above-ankle) leg amputations owing to diabetic foot ulcers. The objective of this study from HIP Investigators Dr. Christie Bartels, Dr. Meghan Brennan and Dr. Yao Liu was to assess whether intersecting identities of Black race, ethnicity, rural residence, or living in a disadvantaged neighborhood are associated with increased risk in major leg amputation or death among Medicare beneficiaries hospitalized with diabetic foot ulcers.

This retrospective cohort study used 2013-2014 data from the US National Medicare Claims Data Database on all adult Medicare patients hospitalized with a diabetic foot ulcer. The study found that Rural patients identifying as Black had a more than 10% absolute increased risk of major leg amputation or death compared with the overall cohort.

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