Screening in Trauma for Opioid Misuse Prevention (STOMP): Results from a prospective cohort of victims of traumatic injury

Traumatic injury frequently requires opioid analgesia to manage pain and avoid catastrophic complications. Risk screening for opioid misuse and the development of use disorder remains uninvestigated. The goal of this study from HIP Investigator Dr. Andrew Quanbeck was to identify baseline patient and injury-related factors predictive specifically of (1) opioid misuse and (2) the development of opioid use disorder at 6-months following a traumatic injury, with the overall goal being the development of a screening tool feasibly implemented at the point-of-care for traumatic injury, in hospital settings, to assist in identifying patients who may require early intervention or modified monitoring for opioid-related risk. The findings of the current study indicate that symptoms related to anxiety bear a strong relationship to opioid misuse and OUD after traumatic injury.

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