Ryan Coller, MD, MPH

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Assistant Professor, Department of Pediatrics - Hospital Medicine

Research Director of the Complex Care Program, American Family Children's Hospital



Dr. Coller is an Assistant Professor of Pediatrics and Chief of Pediatric Hospital Medicine at the University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health, Research Director of the Pediatric Complex Care Program, and an investigator at the University of Wisconsin Health Innovation Program. Dr. Coller’s research agenda is to develop interventions to improve family-centered outcomes for children with medical complexity, with a focus on eliminating hospitalizations. His research program’s long-term goal is to create a high-quality, safe, seamless experience across the healthcare continuum for children with chronic and complex conditions. Over the last several years, Dr. Coller has conducted studies focused on the intersection between care settings including the home/community, primary care, and the hospital, combining rigorous mixed-methods designs that lead to effective and scalable interventions to improve well-being of children with medical complexity. He has been principal, co-principal, or co-investigator on projects funded by HRSA, CMS/CMMI, Lucile Packard Foundation for Children’s Health, the Wisconsin Department of Health Services, and other public & private agencies.

Research Funding

Reducing Hospital Utilization among Medically Complex Children
Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA), MCHB R40MC25677, 02/2013-01/2017
Role: Co-Principal Investigator, Study Director

National Assessment of Pediatric to Adult Inpatient Care Transitions
UW SMPH Department of Pediatrics Research & Development Award, 01/30/2015-12/30/2016
Role: Principal Investigator

Defining Population Health for Children with Medical Complexity
Lucile Packard Foundation for Children's Health, 06/2015-12/2016
Role: Co-Investigator

Special Needs Program for Children with Medical Complexity
Center for Medicare and Medicaid Innovation Institute, 09/2014-07/2017
Role: Co-Investigator

Inpatient Pediatric to Adult Hospital Medicine Transitions for Children with Medical Complexity
Wisconsin Department of Health Services, 04/01/2014-12/31/2015
Role: Co-Principal Investigator

Recent Publications (selected)

Shadman KA, Wald ER, Smith W, Coller RJ. Improving safe sleep practices for hospitalized infants. Pediatrics (in press).

Coller RJ, Klitzner TS, Saenz AA, Lerner CF, et al. Discharge handoff communication and pediatric readmissions. J Hosp Med (in press).

Nelson BB, Coller RJ, Saenz AA, Chung PJ, et al. Are hospitalizations for children with medical complexity avoidable? Understanding parent perspectives. Acad Pediatr 2016;16(6):579-86.

Coller RJ, Lerner CF, Eickhoff J, Klitzner TS, Sklansky DJ, Ehlenbach M, Chung PJ. Medical Complexity among Children with Special Health Care Needs: a 2-Dimensional View. Health Serv Res 2016;51(4):1644-69.

Coller RJ, Klitzner TS, Saenz AA, Lerner CF, Nelson BB, Chung PJ. The Medical Home and Hospital Readmissions. Pediatrics 2015;136(6):e1550-60.

Butteris SM, Schubert CJ, Batra M, Coller RJ, Garfunkel LC, et al. Global Health Education in US Pediatric Residency Programs. Pediatrics 2015;136(3):458-65.

Kuo AA, Coller RJ, Stewart-Brown S, Blair M, eds. Child Health: A Population Perspective. Oxford: Oxford University Press; 2015.

Coller RJ, Nelson BB, Sklansky DJ, Saenz AA, Klitzner TS, Lerner CF, Chung PJ. "Preventing hospitalizations in children with medical complexity: A systematic review." Pediatrics 2014;134(6):e1628-47.

Coller RJ, Kuo AA. Youth development through mentorship: A Los Angeles school-based membership program among Latino children. J Commun Health 2014;39(2):316-21.

Coller RJ, Kiltzner TS, Lerner CF, Chung PJ. Predictors of 30-day readmission and association with primary care follow-up plans. J Pediatr 2013;163(4):1027-33.

Kuo AA, Arcilla L, Castro A, Chen L, Edison B, Huang J, Mitha K, Orkin M, Tejani Z, Tu D, Yeh J, Watt M, Wells L, Coller RJ, Guerrero AD, Slusser WM. Do medical professionalism and medical education involve commitments to political advocacy? Acad Med 2011;86(9):1061-2; author reply 1065.

Siberry GK, Coller RJ, Henkle E, Kiefner C, Joyner M, Rogers J, Chang J, Hutton N. Antibody response to Hepatitis A immunization among human immunodeficiency virus-infected children and adolescents. Pediatr Infect Dis J 2008;27(5):265-8.

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