The Relative Importance of Hospital Discharge and Patient Composition in Changing Post-Acute Care Utilization and Outcomes Among Medicare Beneficiaries

The COVID-19 pandemic dramatically changed the landscape of care systems and service delivery. Due to rapid responses to the pandemic such as allocating labor and physical resources to treat COVID cases as well as health concerns about patient safety and risk of infection, the non-COVID care utilization declined across all service categories, for example, emergency department (ED) visits, hospitalizations, outpatient care, preventive, and wellness visits. Overall, less attention has been given to post-acute care (PAC) so far.

In this article, HIP Investigators including Dr. Marguerite Burns, Dr. Yao Liu, and Dr. Maureen Smith examined the extent to which the volume and pattern of hospital discharge and patient composition contributed to the changes in PAC utilization and outcomes during the pandemic.

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