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2016 Publications

Koslov S, Trowbridge E, Kamnetz S, Kraft S, Grossman J, Pandhi N. "Across the divide: primary care departments working together to redesign care to achieve the Triple Aim." HealthCare: The Journal of Delivery Science and Innovation (in press).

Nabozny MJ, Barnato AE, Rathouz PJ, Havlena JA, Kind AJ, Ehlenbach WJ, Zhao Q, Ronk K, Smith MA, Greenberg CC, Schwarze ML. "Trajectories and Prognosis of Older Patients Who Have Prolonged Mechanical Ventilation after High-Risk Surgery." Critical Care Med

Lochner J, Kamnetz E, Trowbridge E, Pandhi N. "Family physician clinical compensation in an academic environment: moving away from the relative value unit." Family Medicine (in press).

Zgierska A, Burzinski C, Cox J, Kloke J, Stegner A, Cook D, Singles J, Mirgain S, Coe C, Backonja M. "Mindfulness meditation and cognitive behavioral therapy for opioid-treated chronic low back pain." Pain Med (in press).

Kim DH, Matkowskyi KA, Lubner MG, Hinshaw JL, Munos del Rio A, Pooler BD, Weiss JM, Pickhardt PJ. "Serrated polyps at CT colonography-based colorectal cancer screening:  Prevalence and characteristics of the serrated polyp spectrum." Radiology (in press).

Kennelty KA, Witry MJ, Gehring M, Dattalo M, Pulia N. "A four-phase approach for systematically collecting data and measuring medication discrepancies when patients transition between healthcare settings." Research in Social and Administrative Pharmacy (in press).

Coley SL, Nichols TR. "Understanding Factors that Influence Teen Mothers’ Doula Utilization: A Qualitative Study." J Perinatal Educ (in press).

Coley SL, Nichols TR, Rulison KL, Aronson RE, Brown-Jeffy S, Morrison S. "Does Neighborhood Risk Explain Racial Disparities in Disparities in Low Birth Weight among Infants Born to Adolescent Mothers?" J Ped Adolesc Gynecol (in press).

Nabozny MJ, Kruser JM, Steffens NM, Pecanac KE, Brasel KJ, Chittenden EH, Cooper Z, McKneally MF, Schwarze ML. "Patient Reported Limitations of Surgical Buy-in: A Qualitative Study of Patients Facing High-Risk Surgery." Ann Surg (in press).

Cox ED, Swedlund MP, Young HN, Moreno MA, Schopp JM, Rajamanickam V, Panepinto JA. "Family engagement in pediatric sickle cell disease visits." Health Commun (in press).

Cox ED. "Impact of bubble packaging on medication adherence." J Am Pharm Assoc (in press).

Bannas P, Li Y, Motosugi U, Li K, Lubner MG, Chen GH, Pickhardt PJ. "Prior image constrained compressed sensing metal artifact reduction (PICCS-MAR): 2D and 3D image quality improvement with hip prostheses at CT colonography." AJR (in press).

Mirrielees JA, Breckheimer KR, White TW, Denure DA, Schroeder MM, Gaines ME, Wilke LG, Tevaarwerk AJ. Breast Cancer Survivor Advocacy at a University Hospital: Development of a peer support program with evaluation by patients, advocates and clinicians. J Cancer Educ (in press).

Davis S, Berkson S, Gaines ME, Prajapati P, Schwab B, Pandhi N. “Engaging patients in team-based practice redesign: critical reflections on program design.” J Gen Intern Med (in press).

Trowbridge B, Bartels CM, Koslov S, Kamnetz S, Pandhi N. “Development and impact of a novel academic primary care compensation model.” J Gen Intern Med (in press).

Bartels CM, Roberts TJ, Hansen KE, Jacobs EA, Gilmore A, Maxcy C, Bowers BJ. "Rheumatologist and primary care management of cardiovascular disease risk in rheumatoid arthritis: Patient and provider perspectives." Arthritis Care Res (Hoboken) (in press).

Neuman HB, Steffens NM, Jacobson N, Tevaarwerk A, Anderson B, Wilke LG, Greenberg CC. "Oncologists' perspectives of their roles and responsibilities during multi-disciplinary breast cancer follow-up." Ann Surg Oncol (in press).

Quanbeck A, Brown RT, Zgierska AE, Johnson RA, Robinson JM, Jacobson N. "Systems consultation: protocol for a novel implementation strategy designed to promote evidence-based practice in primary care." 2016 Jan 27;14(1):8.

Kaatz A, Dattalo M, Regner C, Filut A, Carnes M. "Patterns of feedback on the bridge to independence: a qualitative thematic analysis of NIH mentored career development award application critiques." J Womens Health (Larchmt) 2016;25(1):78-90.

Taylor LJ, Schwarze ML. "Best Practices: Targeting Surgeon Communication at the End of Life." Ann Surg 2016;263(1):7-8.

Schwarze ML, Campbell TC, Cunningham TV, White DB, Arnold RM. "You Can’t Get What You Want: Innovation for End-of-Life Communication in the ICU." Am J Respir Crit Care Med 2016;193(1):14-6.

Nabozny MJ, Kruser JM, Steffens NM, Brasel KJ, Campbell TC, Gaines ME, Schwarze ML. "Constructing high-stakes surgical decisions: It's better to die trying." Ann Surg 2016;263(1):64-70.

Tevaarwerk AJ, Lee J-W, Terhaar A, Sesto ME, Smith ML, Cleeland CS, Fisch MJ. "Working after a metastatic cancer diagnosis: Factors affecting employment in the metastatic setting from ECOG-ACRIN's Symptom Outcomes and Practice Patterns study." Cancer 2016

Pooler BD, Kim DH, Pickhardt PJ. "Potentially important extracolonic findings at screening CT colonography: incidence and outcomes data from a clinical screening program." AJR 2016;206(2):313-8.

Pooler BD, Kim DH, Weiss JM, Matkowsky KA, Pickhardt PJ. "Colorectal polyps missed at optical colonoscopy despite prior detection and localization by CT colonography." Radiology 2016;278(2):422-9.

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