Marguerite Burns, PhD

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Assistant Professor, Department of Population Health Sciences

Affiliate, Institute for Research on Poverty



Marguerite Burns, PhD is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Population Health Sciences and an Affiliate of the Institute for Research on Poverty at the University of Wisconsin.  Her work broadly concerns understanding the linkages between health insurance design, health care delivery and health care outcomes for vulnerable populations.   Dr. Burns’ current research examines:  the effects of public health insurance enrollment policy, benefit structure and provider compensation on the quality and costs of mental health care for adults with serious mental illness; and the impact of co-morbid mental illness on hospital readmission risk, cost, and responsiveness to intervention.

Recent Publications (selected)

Burns ME, Leininger LJ. Understanding the gap in primary care access and use between teens and younger children. Med Care Res Rev 2012;69(5):581-601.

Burns ME, O’Hara BJ, Huskamp HA, Soumerai SB. Uninsurance and its correlates among poor adults with disabilities. J Health Care Poor U 2012;23:630-1646.

Leininger LJ, Burns ME. Why are low-income teens more likely to lack health insurance than their younger peers? Inquiry 2011;48(Summer):123-137.

Borah BJ, Burns ME, Shah ND. Assessing the impact of high deductible health plans on healthcare utilization and cost: A changes-in-changes approach. Health Econ 2011;20(9):1025-1042.

Burns ME, Shah ND, Smith MA. Why some disabled adults in Medicaid face large out-of-pocket expenses. Health Aff 2010;29(8):1517-1522.

Burns ME. Medicaid managed care and cost containment for adult beneficiaries with disabilities. Med Care 2009;47(10):1069-76.

Burns ME. Medicaid managed care and health care access for adult beneficiaries with disabilities. Health Serv Res 2009;45(5):1521-1541.

Burns ME, Rosenberg MA, Fiore MC. Use and employer costs of a pharmacotherapy smoking  cessation treatment benefit.  Am J Prev Med 2007;32(2):139-142.

Woolf NH, Burns ME, Bosworth TW, Fiore MC. Purchasing health insurance coverage for smoking cessation treatment: Employers describe the most influential information in this decision. Nicotine Tob Res 2006;8(6):717-725.

Burns ME, Bosworth TW, Fiore MC. Insurance coverage for smoking cessation treatment for state employees.  Am J Public Health 2004;94(8):1338-1340.

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