Caprice Christian Greenberg, MD, MPH

Caprice Greenberg photoProfessor, Department of Surgery; Affiliate Professor, Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering

WARF Professor of Surgical Research

Director of Wisconsin Surgical Outcomes Research (WiSOR) Program 

Caprice Christian Greenberg, MD, MPH is an Associate Professor in the Department of Surgery and Affiliate Associate Professor in the Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering. She is Director of the Wisconsin Surgical Outcomes Research Program (WiSOR) which works to improve the quality, safety, effectiveness and efficiency of surgical care through research and innovation. The overall emphasis of Dr. Greenberg’s research program is on improving the quality and safety of surgical care, including practice variation, individual procedural performance, system and team performance, disparities in care, and comparative effectiveness research.  Current studies are investigating variations in breast cancer treatment across community hospitals in the U.S., strategies to improve efficiency and learning in the operating room, and devising novel approaches to improving individual procedural performance for practicing surgeons. Past studies have assessed disparities in breast cancer care, mechanisms to improve operating room processes and reduce surgical error, and quality measurement and improvement in cancer.

Research Funding

The Wisconsin Surgical Coaching Program
The Wisconsin Partnership Program Education and Research Committee (PERC), 2013-2015
Role: Principal Investigator

Institutional Variation in Surgical Care for Breast Cancer in United States Community Hospitals
NIH/NCI, RC1-CA144705-01, 2009 – 2/28/2013
Role: Principal Investigator

Recent Publications (selected)

Christian CK, Gustafson ML, Betensky RA, Daley J, Zinner MJ.  The leapfrog volume criteria may fall short in identifying high quality surgical centersAnn Surg 2003;238:447-55;discussion 455-7.

Greenberg CC, Regenbogen SE, Studdert DM, Lipsitz SR, Rogers SO, Zinner MJ, Gawande AA.  Patterns of communication breakdowns resulting in injury to surgical patients.  J Am Coll Surgeons 2007;204:533-40.

Greenberg CC, Diaz-Flores R, Lipsitz SR, Regenbogen SE, Mulholland L, Mearn F, Rao S, Toidze T, Gawande AA. Bar-coding surgical sponges to improve safety: A randomized, controlled trial.  Ann Surg 2008;47(4):612-16.

Greenberg CC, Hughes ME, Lipsitz SR, Edge SB, Theriault R, Wilson JL, Carter WB, Blayney DW, Niland J, Weeks JC.  Institutional Variation in the Surgical Treatment of Early Stage Breast Cancer: A Study of the National Comprehensive Cancer Network. Ann Surg 2011;254(2):339-45.

Hu YY, Peyre SE, Arriaga AF, Osteen RT, Corso KA, Weiser TG, Swanson RS, Ashley SW, Raut CP, Zinner MJ, Gawande AA, Greenberg CCPost-game analysis: using video-based coaching for continuous professional development. J Am Coll Surgeons 2012;214(1):115-24.

Hu YY, Arriaga AF, Roth EM, Peyre SE, Swanson RS, Osteen RT, Schmitt P, Bader AM, Zinner MJ, Greenberg CCProtecting Patients from an Unsafe System: The Etiology & Recovery of Intra-Operative Deviations in Care.  Ann Surg 2012;256(2):203-210.

Greenberg CC, Wind JK, Chang, Chen, Schrag D. Stakeholder Engagement for Comparative Effectiveness Research in Cancer Care: Experience of the DEcIDE Cancer Consortium. J Comp Eff Res 2013 March;2(2):117-125.

Greenberg CC. Promoting Quality Surgical Care: The Next Steps. JAMA 2013 Feb 27; 309(8):827-8.

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