Ann M. Sheehy, MD, MS

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Clinical Associate Professor and Division Head, Department of Medicine - Hospital Medicine



Ann Sheehy, MD, MS, is an Associate Professor in the Department of Medicine. She is the Division Head of Hospital Medicine, a division responsible for providing patient care to the majority of internal medicine patients at UW Hospital. As Division Head, Dr. Sheehy is responsible for teaching and educating residents and students, as well as leading inpatient quality and safety initiatives in line with national quality metrics. Dr. Sheehy’s research has included screening for diabetes given the high rate of undiagnosed diabetes in hospitalized patients. She has also studied the impact of observation status on hospitalized patient care.

Recent Publications (selected)

Reed AS, Jefferson, B.  Images of Osler: Cases from the Osler Medical Service at Johns Hopkins University.  Am J Med. 2003;115(4):326-328.

Reed AS, Coursin D.  Perioperative glucose control: How tight is just right for everyone? SMJ 2006; 99(6):557-8.

Ardehali R, Reed AS, Owens C, Meininger GR, Conte JV, Hare JM. A long and bumpy road.  Am J Med 2006;119(11):923-6.

Sheehy AM, Coursin DB, Gabbay RA.  Back to Wilson and Jungner: 10 Good reasons to screen for type 2 diabetes mellitus.  Mayo Clin Proc 2009;84(1):38-42.

Sheehy AM, Gabbay RA.  An overview of preoperative glucose evaluation, management and perioperative impact.  J Diabetes Sci Technol 2009;3(6):1261-9.

Fahy BG, Sheehy AM, Coursin DB.  Concise review: Glucose control in the ICU. Crit Care Med 2009;37(5):1769-76.

Sheehy AM, Flood GE, Tuan WJ, Liou J, Coursin DB, Smith MA.  Analysis of diabetes screening guidelines in an ambulatory population, 2005-2007. Mayo Clin Proc 2010;85(1):27-35.

Sheehy AM, Pandhi N, Coursin DB, Flood GE, Kraft, S, Johnson H, Smith MA.  Minority Status and Diabetes Screening in an Ambulatory Population.  Diabetes Care 2011;34(6):1289-94.

Tuan, WJ, Sheehy AM, Smith MA. Building a Diabetes Screening Population Data Repository Using Electronic Medical Records. J Diabetes Sci Tech 2011;5(3):514-22.

Sheehy AM, Benca J, Glinberg S, Zhanhai L, Nautiyal A, Anderson P, Squire M, Coursin DB. Preoperative “NPO” as an opportunity for diabetes screening. J Hosp Med 2012;7(8):611-6.

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