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Menggang Yu, PhD, MS is a Professor in the Department of Biostatistics and Medical Informatics. His research focuses on biostatistics methodology and health services research. Dr. Yu’s clinical biostatistics interests include failure time analysis, longitudinal data analysis, and clinical trial design. He also studies statistical methodology related to health services research and chronic disease. This research includes causal inference methods to deal with unrecognized confounding, cancer risk prediction and prognosis mode, and reproduction or simulation of clinical trial results using electronic medical records. His health services research interests also include subgroup identification for stratified medicine and analysis and design of time-varying interventions.

Research Funding

Matching Complex Patients to Treatments: Innovative Statistical Scoring Methods for Treatment Selection
PCORI, ME-1409-21219, 09/01/15-08/31/18
Role: Principal Investigator

New Analytic Approach for Valid Comparative Effectiveness Research
PCORI, ME-1310-06601, 09/01/14-08/31/17
Role: Subcontract PI

UW Comprehensive Cancer Center 
NIH-NCI, P30 CA014520, 04/01/12-03/31/18
Role: Core Director, Biostatistics Shared Resource

Statistical Methods for Healthcare in Complex Patients with Diabetes
NIH-NIDDK, R01 KD108073
Role: Subcontract PI

Recent Publications (selected)

McDaniel LS, Yu M, Chappell R. Sample size under the Additive Hazards Model. Clin Trials (in press). Finalist, Society for Clinical Trials Thomas Chalmers Student Paper Award, 2014

Xu Y, Yu M, Zhao Y, Li Q, Wang S, Shao J. Regularized outcome weighted subgroup identification for differential treatment effects. Biometrics 2015;71:645-53. Winner, John Van Ryzin Award of the International Biometrics Society, ENAR Region, 2014

Yang L, Yu M, Gao S. Dynamic predictions in joint models for multiple longitudinal processes and time-to-event outcome. Stat Med (in press).

Lin Y, Yu M, Chappell R, Wang S, Imperiale T. Advanced colorectal neoplasia risk stratification by penalized logistic regression. Stat Method Med Res (in press). 2012 International Society for Clinical Biostatistics Student Conference Award.

Yu M, Yiannoutsos CT. Marginal and conditional distribution estimation from double-sampled semi-competing risks data. Scandinavian J Stat 2015;42:87-103.

Geng Z, Wang S, Yu M, Monahan PO, Champion V, Wahba G. Group variable selection via convex Log-Exp-Sum penalty with application to a breast cancer survivor study. Biometrics 2015;71:53-62.

Zhao J, Yu M, Feng XP. Statistical inference for extended or shortened phase II studies based on Simon's two-stage designs. BMC Med Res Methodol 2015;15:48.

Otte JL, Wu J, Yu M, Shaw C, Carptenter JS. Evaluating the Sleep Hygeine Awareness and Practice Scale in midlife women with and without breast cancer. J Nurs Meas (in press).

Shlensky D, Mirrielees JA, Zhao Z, Wang L, Mahajan A, Yu M, Sherer NM, Wilke LG, Xu W. Differential CARM1 isoform expression in subcellular compartments and among malignant and benign breast tumors. PLOS One 2015;10(6):e0128143.

Stein AP, Saha S, Kraninger JL, Swick AD, Yu M, Lambert PF, Kimple RJ. Prevalence of human papillomavirus in oropharyngeal cancer: A systematic review and meta-analysis. Cancer J 2015;21(3):138-46.

Holden TR, Smith MA, Bartels CM, Campbell TC, Yu M, Kind AJ. Hospice enrollment, local hospice utilization patterns, and rehospitalization in Medicare patients. J Palliative Med 2015;18(7):601-12.


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