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Health Innovation Program DRG Categories tool available on HIPxChange

Dr. Maureen Smith, Director of Health Innovation Program at UW School of Medicine and Public Health recently published the Health Innovation Program DRG Categories toolkit. The goal of this toolkit is to categorize the readmission of patients discharged to a SNF from an inpatient stay by grouping those patients into diagnosis-related group (DRG) clusters based on the joint likelihood of readmission and discharge to a SNF. This toolkit contains an Excel worksheet with the mappings from MS-DRGs to corresponding categories. The worksheet includes MS-DRG number and name together with the category it belongs to as well as the historical mapping starting with MS-DRG designations from 2008 and is updated to reflect changes in DRG numbering through MS-DRG version 36. View the toolkit on HIPxChange here.

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