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UW Researchers Provide Health Systems with Information to Plan for Severe Complications from COVID-19

Family walking on pathWith the onset of COVID-19, the Health Innovation Program (HIP) determined they could use the reporting infrastructure they have been developing over the last several years, in partnership with Wisconsin Collaborative for Healthcare Quality (WCHQ), to rapidly produce reports with reliable and accurate data for health systems who are WCHQ members. These reports can help the health systems to prepare for and respond to this pandemic.

The reports provide details on primary care provider panels, clinics, and ZIP codes for each health system and helps the health system to identify the numbers and prevalence of people who are at risk for severe complications from COVID-19.

The reports provide an additional tool that health systems can utilize when planning a response to COVID-19. Leadership can use these data in making a variety of decisions including:

  • Directing resources such as test kits, personal protective equipment and vaccines (when available);
  • Establishing or expanding community services such as grocery delivery;
  • Targeting communications; and,
  • Developing policy.

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