HIP Sponsors Diabetes Learning Event with WCHQ

WCHQ logoThe Health Innovation Program and the Wisconsin Collaborative for Healthcare Quality (WCHQ) recently partnered to launch a statewide learning event on diabetes care improvement. More than 125 representatives attended from 48 healthcare organizations across Wisconsin. The event was focused on diabetes care in the context of the Triple Aim: improving care, improving population health, and reducing cost.

At the event, HIP Director Dr. Maureen Smith spoke on the variation of diabetes quality and cost of care in Wisconsin, which was based on an analysis of data from nine healthcare organization members of WCHQ. Additionally, Harvey Padek spoke on the benefits of the Healthy Living with Diabetes program that is offered across the state by HIP’s partner, the Wisconsin Institute for Healthy Aging. In the final presentation, Dr. Dirk Steinert and Lee Trimberger shared tactics that Columbia St. Mary’s have used to improve hemoglobin A1c control.