Developing catalyst films of health experiences: an analysis of a robust multi-stakeholder involvement journey

Those whose lives are most directly impacted by health care-patients, caregivers, and frontline staff-are ideally situated to improve patient health care services and care quality. Research suggests catalyst films, comprised of rigorously-analyzed interview data from diverse patients about their experiences with health and health care are a promising way to bring actionable patient feedback to QI. This project from HIP Investigator Dr. Rachel Grob aimed to inform the science of engagement through analyzing how deliberate PPI informed the process of creating catalyst films.

The paper describes how multiple forms and degrees of PPI resulted in significant influence on catalyst films and companion materials. This project thus provides proof of concept for PPI in creation of video products for QI which have traditionally been crafted by researchers. The model and document that were developed in this paper can be adapted by others creating research-derived video products. Authors developed a toolkit about developing catalyst films which is freely available here:

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