Use of Novel Strategies to Develop Guidelines for Management of Pyogenic Osteomyelitis in Adults: A WikiGuidelines Group Consensus Statement

Traditional approaches to practice guidelines frequently result in dissociation between strength of recommendation and quality of evidence. The goal of this consensus statement and systematic review including HIP Investigator Dr. Meghan Brennan was to construct a clinical guideline for pyogenic osteomyelitis management, with a new standard of evidence to resolve the gap between strength of recommendation and quality of evidence, through the use of a novel open access approach utilizing social media tools.

Sixty-three participants with diverse expertise from 8 countries developed the group’s charter and its first guideline on pyogenic osteomyelitis. These participants included both nonacademic and academic physicians and pharmacists specializing in general internal medicine or hospital medicine, infectious diseases, orthopedic surgery, pharmacology, and medical microbiology.

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