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Achieving weight loss and hypertension control among obese adults

ScaleDr. Aaron Ho et al. recently performed an electronic health record analysis to evaluate the rates and predictors of achieving weight loss among obese adults who achieved hypertension control. They found that most patients did not achieve clinically significant weight loss. Young adults, middle-aged adults, and patients who were prescribed antihypertensive medication were the most likely to achieve weight loss.

Omission of physical therapy recommendations for high-risk patients transitioning from hospital to sub-acute care

Physical TherapyIn a recent study, Brock Polnaszek et al. examined the frequency with which physical therapy recommendations made by inpatient physical therapists were included in hospital discharge summaries, and found that over half of patients had omissions in recommendations for maintaining patient safety, assistance required for mobility, or use of assistive devices. Medicare beneficiaries with safety restriction/precaution omissions had a trend towards more negative 30-day outcomes such as rehospitalization.

Rheumatologist and primary care management of cardiovascular disease risk in rheumatoid arthritis

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Patients with rheumatoid arthritis (RA) have an increased risk of cardiovascular disease, but frequently do not receive preventive care for it. Dr. Christie Bartels et al. recently interviewed patients, rheumatologists, and primary care physicians to better understand patient and provider perspectives on cardiovascular disease care processes for patients with RA, and found that the identifiying and acting on risk factors was important in the receipt of preventive care, but that these processes rarely occurred.

Breast cancer survivor advocacy: Development of a peer support program

Woman on phoneA recent article by Dr. Amy Tevaarwerk and co-authors discusses the development and evaluation of a patient survivor advocacy program designed to provide support for newly diagnosed breast cancer patients from peers who had completed primary treatment. In the evaluation of the program, 92.9% of the patients reported that the program was helpful and that they would recommend it to another woman with breast cancer. Tools to support the development of the program at other institutions are available on HIPxChange.

Hospice services reduce repeated hospital stays at end of life

Hospice careDr. Timothy Holden et al. recently examined the association between hospice utilization within a geographic area and 30-day rates of rehospitalization in a 5% sample of Medicare patients, and found that patients in areas of low hospice utilization were at greater rehospitalization risk than those residing in areas of high utilization. View the article on PubMed here and the UW SMPH press release here.


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